At Ambrose – we solve problems by courageously disrupting the norm…


As Chartered Accountants we have an obligation to ensure our clients – regardless of backgrounds – understand our advice.

We focus on understanding and advising with education at our core.

We have 20 years experience in building our clients capacity using the best advisory methods, training programmes and EdTech solutions.

Explore our Galaxy of stars …

Walkabout Your Business™

An advisory platform built on business literacy training and mentoring.

How can you be involved?

Partner with Ambrose to deliver
Walkabout Your Business™ to groups
of people that would benefit from
social enterprise or talk to us about
delivering Walkabout Your Business™
to your team or clients.

Pop-up Your Business™

Is built from shipping containers and creates space for start-up entrepreneurs.

How can you be involved?

If you want to make a difference to Indigenous Australia this is how! Partner with Ambrose to identify village locations, sponsor a container, a business or an entire Village! With your help we will create real Indigenous economic development!


Is a governance based training program that addresses the 10 most common reasons boards fail and how to avoid them.

How can you be involved?

Talk to us about how our program can help your board of directors succeed.

Walkabout Your Business™


An amazing EdTech solution to support clients through their business journey …

How can you be involved?

Partner with Ambrose through the development stage to make sure people starting and running delivering businesses can access your products and services.

Thinkabout Your Business™


…help Boards understand Governance via the best EdTech platform.

How can you be involved?

Partner with Ambrose through the development stage help Boards build their capacity, achieve their objectives whilst managing risk in real time.


Road Safety App™

An amazing EdTech award winning app that assists people, regardless of English literacy levels, better learn the road rules whilst providing the Government with an efficient means by which to assess and evidence competency.

How can you be involved?

… Partner with us to save lives increase emoplyment and create safer roads


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