Ambrose Business Solutions has helped many Indigenous entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into a reality through its highly successful business literacy program Walkabout Your Business™. Ambrose is keen to roll out this program to Indigenous people in remote communities, however, a lack of infrastructure is a key issue facing many of these communities. To address this issue, Ambrose has developed a program known as Walkabout Your Business™ Pop-Up Village, that aims to help Indigenous people in remote communities launch and operate businesses through make shift shops made out of used shipping containers. The idea is similar to the pop-up shop concept whereby temporary shops are established and operated in vacant retail spaces at busy shopping centres or along popular shopping strips.


Through the Walkabout Your Business™ Pop-Up Village initiative, shipping containers will be fully fitted out and customised to suit the needs of the business. In addition to the shipping containers, Ambrose will provide business training and support to business owners through its Walkabout Your Business ™ program.



Contact our office to find out how you can help Ambrose turn the Walkabout Your Business™ Pop-Up Village concept into a reality.

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