Ambrose Business Solutions are leaders in the design and development of animated content for communication and stakeholder engagement campaigns. Ambrose began using animation and visual communications to explain difficult financial concepts to low
literacy audiences as well as those whose first language was not English. With the demand for information to be conveyed in a more innovative and interactive way increasing, Ambrose now offers its clients digital communication services and support through its digital arm, Walk the Talk™.


Ambrose has produced high quality and high impact digital products for a number of clients to help them engage with their target audiences and drive change:

  • We produced training modules for the Northern Territory Government's DriveSafe NT Remove program to assist with the delivery of driver education and licensing for NT residents.
  • Ambrose has collaborated with a local crocodile farmer to develop innovative training materials to support the development of micro crocodile farming businesses in remote Indigenous communities across the NT. Below is an example of a mat that was produced by Ambrose as part of the Crocs in a Box training program.

Contact our office to find out about how our Walk the Talk™ service can help your business engage with its clients through high quality animated content and mixed digital media.

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