Research, experience and observation shows that there are a number of common reasons boards, committees and organisations fail. Inadequate training or lack of experience can result in board members feeling confused and unaware of their roles and responsibilities.


Ambrose Business Solutions has developed a governance based training program called Thinkabout Your Decision™ that highlights the ten most common reasons boards fail and how to avoid them. Thinkabout Your Decision™ teaches board members about contemporary governance practices and business administration principles through the use of educational mats and animations.


Thinkabout Your Decision™ aims to focus participants on the good governance practices required to avoid failure or mismanagement. The program uses real life examples to generate discussion among participants and encourages participants to think about what success looks like and how to achieve it within their own board or organisation.


Get in touch with us to arrange Thinkabout Your Decision™ training for your organisation. This short video produced by Ambrose and narrated by The Long Walk Foundation founder Michael Long, is one of the resources featured in the Thinkabout Your Decision™ training program.

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