Ambrose Business Solutions has successfully delivered many projects since its inception in 2001. This page showcases some of the work we
have undertaken and the services we have delivered in the areas of financial management, governance training, digital communication tools as well as business plans and feasibility studies.


Some of the industries we have provided work for include:


  • Government
  • Eco tourism/tourism
  • Fishing
  • Seafood processing
  • Retail
  • Graphic design
  • Film and television
  • Pest control
  • Labour hire
  • Horticulture
  • Australian rules football
  • Sports and fitness clinics
  • Music
  • Arts and culture
  • Hospitality
  • Mining/earth moving
  • Information technology

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Ambrose helps board develop strategic plan to ensure the delivery of quality services to its community

PRODUCT/SERVICE: Governance training Strategic planning process PROBLEM The Indigenous Board representing an Indigenous organisation did not have a strategic plan in place to meet their responsibility of administering a wide range of services to the people. The Board wanted a strategic plan to be developed to help the organisation understand its key priorities and responsibilities and to deliver services for the community efficiently, effectively and sustainably. OUR SOLUTION Ambrose established a rapport and gained the respect of the Board in a culturally sensitive manner. After listening to and understanding the Board’s issues, Ambrose delivered a series of capacity building workshops that assisted the Board members to be trained in good governance and planning. Ambrose helped the Board develop a three-year strategic plan which took into account the full range of services to be delivered and the key aims, priorities and activities for the community. Ambrose developed a visual representation of the strategic plan that Board members were able to use to communicate key messages from the plan to the people, government representatives and non-government stakeholders instead of a 'white paper' long report. OUTCOMES Board members were proud of the three-year strategic plan that was produced. Board members used the visual representation of the plan when meeting with the Indigenous Affairs Minister to communicate more effectively the needs of the organisation and the people.

Training helps traditional owners enter into joint crocodile farm venture

PRODUCT/SERVICE: Financial literacy and business training PROBLEM A non-Indigenous crocodile farmer wanted to create a joint venture with the traditional owners of a community to build a satellite crocodile farm where crocodile eggs could be collected from the wild and raised up to a certain length to be harvested for their skins. The traditional owners did not understand how a crocodile farm operated and had no knowledge about how a joint business venture
would work. OUR SOLUTION Ambrose identified that the traditional owners needed training to help them understand the crocodile farming business. Ambrose recommended the training be delivered using innovative accelerated learning techniques to help the traditional owners understand complex business concepts. Ambrose developed a visual display that mapped out the crocodile farm and featured a timeline that showed the journey of a crocodile egg through to the sale of its skin. Costs were assigned to the timeline so the Traditional Owners could understand the costs of goods sold. Ambrose also developed a board game that used crocodile money and share certificates to explain business concepts, such as capital raising and return on investment, to the traditional owners. OUTCOMES The visual map and board game were used to conduct training workshops between the crocodile farmer and the traditional owners. The traditional owners developed a sound understanding of the crocodile farm business, which enabled them to confidently enter into a joint venture with crocodile farmer.

Ambrose helps a not-for-profit business
improve their financial systems

PRODUCT/SERVICE: Financial management advice PROBLEM A large family-focused organisation in northern Australia engaged the services of Ambrose to conduct a review of its accounting procedures and reporting requirements to ensure adequate systems and controls were in place. OUR SOLUTION Ambrose undertook a thorough review of the Indigenous organisation’s financial and accounting procedures and systems to ensure the organisation was compliant with statutory and funding body reporting requirements. Ambrose introduced end of month reporting to improve transparency of the management of finances. Ambrose assisted the organisation with the recruitment process to find a permanent experienced finance manager with the necessary skills and expertise to manage the organisation’s financial and reporting functions. OUTCOMES Ambrose produced a report that made a number of recommendations for improving the organisation’s reporting requirements. The organisation implemented robust systems and procedures including month end financial reporting guidelines. An experienced finance manager was recruited.

Feasibility report into Indigenous employment prepared for civil and mining company

PRODUCT/SERVICE: Research and feasibility study PROBLEM Ambrose was engaged by a civil and mining company to develop a business case for the development of an off-site training base to develop a skilled Indigenous workforce for the mining company. OUR SOLUTION Ambrose carried out extensive research and consultation with key stakeholders to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the
proposed venture. Ambrose conducted a supply and demand analysis of Indigenous workers in the mining industry and investigated current employment and training opportunities for Indigenous people. OUTCOMES A business case was produced that made a number of recommendations for how civil and mining company should progress the
training initiative. Ambrose continues to work with the civil and mining company in the development of this project including the sourcing of funding from both corporate organisations and government.

Governance training helps regional organisation launch fishing enterprise

PRODUCT/SERVICE: Thinkabout Your Decision™ Governance training Walkabout Your Business™ PROBLEM An organisation had a goal of establishing fishing businesses in a community in conjunction with the Department of Primary Fisheries and relevant corporations with industry expertise. Ambrose was engaged by the organisation to deliver governance training to board members and explain the lifecycle of establishing and running a business. OUR SOLUTION Ambrose delivered the governance training for the organisation members in three workshops over a three month period. Ambrose conducted the Walkabout Your Business™ and Thinkabout Your Decision™ Governance training programs in which it used its 'Ten Reasons Boards Fail' animation to get participants to think about what success looks like for the organisation. OUTCOMES Board members developed an understanding of the principles of good governance and business, and how it applies to their community.

Governance training empowers members of local Indigenous corporation

PRODUCT/SERVICE: Thinkabout Your Decision™ Governance training PROBLEM Ambrose was engaged to deliver governance training to help the directors of an Indigenous corporation understand their roles and responsibilities as directors and to help them understand the organisation’s role in their local community. OUR SOLUTION Ambrose delivered the governance training in alignment with the Indigenous corporation’s Rule Book. Ambrose delivered the training in gender-based groups where each group tackled a specific topic affecting the local community. OUTCOMES The directors had a clearer understanding of their roles and responsibilities and felt empowered to undertake their roles with greater clarity and confidence.

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