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Story 1

Communicating- a ‘wicked’ problem

The Indigenous Board representing a major island off the Australian coast did not have a strategic plan.   The Board was ultimately responsible for a large range of services on the island but there were a number of interrelated problems that made it difficult.   The Board members were not comfortable that a plan was in place to deliver these services efficiently, effectively and sustainably.

Story 2

‘handITback’ - back to basic accounting

People in business need an understanding of financial literacy and financial management competencies to ‘survive’.  The introduction of computer based accounting systems into the micro and small business segment has in a number of cases led to a reduction in the level of understanding of accounting fundamentals.

Story 3

From egg to handbag – a crocodile story

A successful crocodile farmer in the Northern Territory wanted to create a Joint Venture with the Indigenous Traditional Owners (TOs) of a major swamp in Australia to build a satellite crocodile farm. This would enable the crocodile eggs from the swamp to be raised to crocodiles for skins.  The problem was that the TOs had not seen a crocodile farm or understood how one operated or knew how a joint venture would work.

Story 4

Dreams to reality – I have a plan

Many business people do not have ownership of a plan that they understand or adequately represents their vision. 


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